Friday, February 11, 2005

As awesome an outlet blogging is, I'm just a bit overscheduled lately and can't find the time to post. What with being a mama and working full-time alone is enough to tie me up. But in addition, I go to church regularly and participate in plenty of church-related activities as well as being a doula (attending about one birth per month) and serving on a local commission and volunteering my time for a local youth-at-risk center and now.... assisting in a friend's campaign for city council.

Yes. That election a few months ago depressed me for a few weeks (very abnormal for me to be depressed at all, let alone more than one day...). BUT it has inspired me to be very active in my community and take my beliefs and work toward their becoming public policy.

In your face W! You thought Dean's grassroots movement was scary. Just you wait. With him at the helm of the Democrats and with all of his believers jumping in and becoming active locally... we are gonna bite you in the behind! Ha.

For now y'all--- peace out!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

So. SpongeBob goes to a church in my denomination to visit. We accept everyone. I still don't let my kids watch his show... but he can certainly sit next to us at church. Jesus loves us all after all. Even SpongeBob.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Oh puh-lease. SpongeBob is still freaking annoying and I won't let my kids watch it. But that is because its pace is way too fast and frenetic (encourages ADHD) and it is mind-numbingly stupid and insulting to anyone with a brain. Yet I could care less if he holds his friend's hand. Dr. Dobson is seriously losing any and all respect I once had for any opinion he has offered. He, once, gave sound advice to families like my own who had a difficult child (my sister) and my mom found a lot of comfort and support from his books. But his opposition to anything that could minutely be construed as pro-homosexual is really awful. You are severely misdirected Dr. Dobson.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Thursday, January 13, 2005

I, too, just received this awesome speech by Dr. Robin Meyers of Oklahoma Christian University in an email and Googled it and found it in full on a gay male couple's blog. So instead of publishing it in full here again, I thought I would just permalink it to their blog's published version. Their site is really cute too. I like the terror threat level colors and interpretations.

All I can really say about it is "wow." It articulates how I have felt as a Christian for more than 4 years and I am very tired of how everytime Bush commits more immoral acts I think, "Maybe he'll get busted this time." And as I sit back to watch and see, his spinmasters help to once again cover up the retched scent of his shit. Damage control. But you know what? It is still shit.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Will The United States ever mature?

We are so stunted. Worldwide, we are still behaving like the teenage testosterone-overwhelmed boys that can't see past their own little universe. "We're number one!" Well, that is if you care. And just as in sports, no one team can dominate forever. Maybe that is why I was so glad to see the men's basketball team fail so miserably at the Olympics last year. We are defeatable. Ever. We are human. Fallible. And the sooner we get that in our heads and work with the other countries and not always try to prove how we are superior the better. Many non-Americans HATE us because we act like this. And I really can't blame them. Maybe they can condescend to us more when they deal with us. Or maybe they'll get tough and take the car keys away.

At any rate, if we ever get our mentality out of high school, we are so headed for frat row it's just as scary.

Closer to home, a group of progressive women (The 49) started a group that aims to not go away. Also, this group wants to remind some of the people in the United States that 51% is not a mandate.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Here's wishing the press and media actually were the antagonist like in days of old. This "Our Leader" crap is beyond scary. Give credit where it is due, Time, person of the year, if you want to go there, is Karl Rove. He could turn a liar into a saint (in some eyes, certainly not mine though nor 49% of the voters... but he sure convinced 51%).

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